2012 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship Invitation

2012 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship

            Colorado Beach, Nicaragua:  14 to 22 July, 2012



 Host NGB / Organizer: GrayLine Nicaragua

Sanctioned by the International Surfing Association  

The ISA World Masters Surfing Championship will take place in high season for tourism, therefore hotels, homes and vehicles available now require reservations and 100% payment to be made at the end of June at the latest.


*Schedule is subject to change.  Contact the ISA to schedule your registration appointment.

Wed, 18 April Registration Open for FULL TEAMS only (18 – 24 April 2012); first come, first serve
Wed, 25 April Registration Open for PARTIAL and FULL Teams; first come, first serve basis
Thu, 12 July Arrivals and Team Registration
Fri, 13 July Arrivals and Team Registration
Media Conference
Managers Meeting
Judges Workshop 8:30am – 4:00pm
Registration closes at 3:00pm SHARP!!!
Sat, 14 July Parade of Nations and Opening Ceremony
Sun, 15 July Competition Begins
Sun, 22 July Finals and Closing Ceremony


Team confirmation, payment, seeded competitor lists and all documentation must be finalized with the ISA by close of registration on 13 July 2012 at 3:00pm to participate in the 2012 World Masters Surfing Championship.

This event has a LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF ATHLETES PERMITTED, so the ISA urges teams to finalize the complete team registration and payment as soon as possible (see “Registration Requirements” below).  Competitors will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  Register today to confirm your registration.



  • 2 Masters (over 35)
  • 2 Grand Masters (over 40)
  • 2 Kahunas (over 45)
  • 1 Grand Kahuna (over 50)
  • 1 Women’s Master (over 35)
  • Alternates, Team Officials and Team Supporters

* Ages are taken from January 1, 2012. A Master surfer must be 35 years and older on January 1, 2012 to compete in this year’s event.


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship, the ISA has implemented a Registration schedule to allow FULL teams to confirm participation on a first come, first serve basis.  Full team registration will open (1) week prior to registration for both PARTIAL and FULL teams.

    • Full Teams include (8) athletes and at least (1) Team Official
    • Full Team registration is on a first come, first serve basis
  • Registration for PARTIAL and FULL Teams, begins 25 April 2012
    • Remaining registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis

The current rate for registration is USD$175 per registrant.  This rate is only available for all registration payments and documents received by the ISA prior to the close of registration.  See the complete Registration Fee schedule below.

The benefits of registration include:

  1. Access to Official ISA Pre and Post Event Communication
  2. Invitations to Official Event Functions
  3. Official transportation as described below
    Lodging to/from Official Events and Meetings
    Lodging to/from Contest Venue
  4. Participation in the Parade of Nations and Official Opening Ceremony
  5. Access to Team discounted rates for lodging, and food and airfare, if negotiated by the host organizer
  6. Official Event T-Shirt
  7. Official gift bag with Rulebook, Event Program, Sticker, Poster, etc.
  8. Access to Team Tents at Contest Venue
  9. Water and snacks at Contest Venue

The ISA’s policy is to collect registration fees for all those officially associated with each team, as well as those who desire to obtain any of the registration benefits.  This includes all coaches, medical staff, translators, media, family members and friends who want VIP credentials.



  • Teams will pay USD$175 per registrant if fees are received by end of day on 3 July 2012.
  • Teams will pay USD$200 per registrant if fees are received between 4-12 July 2012.
  • Teams will pay USD$225 per registrant if fees are received onsite at event on 13 July 2012. (US$ and credit cards only; no checks)

The ISA will only accept USD$, or online payments through the ISA Store with credit card, during Team Registration and throughout the duration of the contest.  Please bring the correct amount.

Items to note:

  • Registration fees will be charged to each team member, managers, coaches, translators, medical staff, media, supporters and additional parties.
  • All registrants must sign an Indemnity Form and Code of Conduct provided by the ISA.
  • A surfer competing in more than one division is required to pay a Registration Fee for each division entered.
  • Alternates must be identified and paid for prior to close of registration to be eligible for participation in the contest.
  • Teams must register as a team, and have all the registration requirements collected and ready to hand over before their registration can begin.


  • A nation will not be allowed to compete if it has any outstanding dues payable to the ISA.  Contact ISA Operations Coordinator, Anne Tuite at annetuite@isasurf.org to verify outstanding account balances.


Registration will take place during the day on the 12 and 13 July. Please review the ISA’s registration requirements.

Submit to ISA at least 30 days prior to the event:

  • Complete list of names of all participants.  ISA has requested this information no later than 14 June 2012.
  • Requested Event Registration Appointment date and time.
  • Travel & Accommodation Information.
  • Athlete Bios to be used for media purposes.
  • Therapeutic Use Exemption forms.  These forms may be submitted via email or fax to the ISA HQ and are requested at least 30 days in advance of the contest.
  • Indemnity form for each registered team member AND ALL REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS.
  • Code of Conduct – forms must be completed and signed.
  • List of team email addresses

Submit to ISA during on-site Registration, (12 and 13 July):

  • Passports – All athletes’ nationality and ages must be confirmed. Actual passport and clear copies of passports must be provided at time of registration.
  • Sand – 2.5 liters of dry sand from the beaches of your country for the Sands of the World Ceremony.  Label the sand container with country and beach name.
  • National Flag
  • ISA Competitor Stickers and National Flag Stickers – The ISA requires all athletes to place the mandatory ISA Competitor and National Flag stickers on the top 1/3 of their board (front and back) prior to entering the water for their heats.  ISA Competitor stickers will be distributed by the Beach Marshalls, and athletes are required to bring their own National Flag stickers to the event.
  • Photos of each athlete – To be taken during Registration and used for online media purposes

Athlete Attendance at Registration

All team athletes must be present at time of registration for personal verification of their identity by ISA officials.  It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to ensure athletes are present during registration.  Please arrange accordingly, since athletes not present will not be registered and will not be allowed participation in the competition.  There shall be no exception to this requirement of physical attendance of competitors during registration of the team.


Judge Selection for WMSC 2013
The ISA would like to inform Members of the implications that their WMSC 2012 Team Ranking will have for the WMSC 2013 Judge Selection Process.  The ISA Technical Committee has voted and decided on the following format for Two-Podium events Judge selection beginning 2013:

  • 2 Head Judges
  • 3 International Judges (paid Judging positions based on team ranking 1-3 from previous year’s event, subject to the ISA Technical COmmittee’s decisions. Should the ISA TC determine that an International Judge presented by a Member is not qualified, the TC has the authority to select a Judge from another country.)
  • 4 Appointed Judges (paid Judging positions appointed by the ISA Technical Committee)

This adjustment to the Judging selection process is yet another step the ISA is taking in its efforts to continue the development and improvement of all ISA World Championship Event Judging panels.


The ISA will ONLY accept a valid passport from the country the athlete is representing as proof of nationality for participation in World Championship events. The only exception is for National Identification cards issued by the National Government of the team country that clearly shows “Nationality or Citizenship.” Note: Such a card showing place of birth but not Nationality or Citizenship of the athlete will not be accepted, as place of birth does not provide automatic citizenship in many countries.

The ISA will not accept any other form of government documentation supporting a passport or eligibility of passport to verify nationality. This policy has been updated in the ISA rulebook.

Once a competitor has surfed for a country in any ISA event, he/she generally may not surf for another country at future ISA sanctioned International Events. If an athlete is allowed to represent a second nation based on the conditions set forth in Paragraph b of By-Laws to rule outlined below, he/she may not change back to representing his/her original country.  Special exemptions may be considered, however, after presentation to the Executive Committee at least three (3) months prior to the start of any ISA sanctioned event. Requests for exemption will only be considered if received in writing through the affiliated NGB to the Executive Committee via the ISA office, with certified copies of all relevant documentation (passport, letters from/to National Sports Organizations or Home Affairs Offices, etc) accompanying the representation.  *Please see the ISA rulebook for By-Laws.

Drug Testing
Drug Testing will follow the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines and will be conducted on or around the final day of competition.  All finalists plus three (3) random tests will be conducted.  To check on the updated list of banned substances, go to the WADA website www.wada-ama.org.

If an athlete is required to take medication to treat an illness or condition which happens to fall under the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) may give that athlete the authorization to take the needed medicine.  Please contact the ISA to submit all TUEs at least 30 days prior to the start of the competition

Passports & Visas
Please check with your travel agent or your Foreign Affairs Department for requirements. The Host has also provided a list of countries that may require Visas.  Click HERE to view the list.  

Travel Vaccines
Please contact your Foreign affairs department for further information.

Travel Insurance
The ISA strongly recommends that each team procures travel insurance (including, but not limited to accident, liability and medical) for all of their participants.


Located in the center of the American continent and between the waters of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua started strongly its recent global positioning as a diverse tourist destination and one that still conserves its authentic flavor. More and more international tourist companies are learning about and exploring the abundant tourism resources of this country, full of dream corners, unforgettable scenarios, and friendly people, owner of a colorful mestizo origin culture.

Surfing is one of the fastest growing activities in this country. Surfers from all over the world have discovered its Pacific Coast line and diverse beaches that offer ideal waves in height, potency, frequency, suitable for both beginners and professionals. Hotel infrastructure already started to expand in these beaches, among which many are secluded that conserve their natural state of dry tropic.

Charismatic, friendly and conveyors of joy, the people in Nicaraguan turn out to be one of its biggest attractions and most impressive ones. Here tourists are considered to be honor guests, whom are offered the most spontaneous smiles and the best of a syncretic culture that summarizes the joining of the enigmatic and hardworking aborigine, the energetic and rhythmic African, in addition to the enterprising and pragmatic European.

Enormous extension of natural reserves are found in all the regions of the country, home to  forests and tropical jungles, where the environment gets full of green, wild and sublime sounds of thousands of animal species. With three giant biosphere reserves and an abundant diversity of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and more, this country is a paradise for nature lovers. Flowers and butterflies complete the impressive color pallet and the forms that Nicaragua is.

This is a land of lakes and volcanoes. The national mountain range goes all throughout the Pacific territory stripe. Among them some active and other extinct volcanoes, among some old and other recent volcanoes, the adventure offer goes from the contemplative appreciation of landscapes to sandboarding full of adrenaline.  Nicaragua Lake offers diverse natural places and an impressive area extension.

Agriculture production of this country allows seeing the interesting rural world and the following processes. Visitors can go deep in the environment in the productive coffee surroundings, cocoa and tobacco, items of the highest quality of this nation. Handicrafts are another treasure from which pretty clay, leather, wood or marble pieces come, besides the famous hammocks.

In every zone of the country and during all the year it is possible to see diverse regional cultural expressions, which are composed by cheerful ancient rhythms, sensual dances and flirts, besides a rainbow of colorful folk costumes and spectacular masks.

All that and more is this fresh Nicaragua of diverse adventure. Learn to know it with us, Gray Line Nicaragua, truly your local expert.

Basic Data of Nicaragua:

Language: Spanish is the official language of the country, but there is bilingual service in the Caribbean and touristic zones.
Population: 5,785,846
Coordinates: 13 00 N, 85 00 O
Surface: 130,668 km²
Government: Democratic Republic
Electricity: 110 volts
Currency: Córdoba (C$) but US Dollar is widely accepted
Climate: Tropical with two seasons: rainy and dry.
Visa: Most tourists do not need entry visa.
Tourist card: US$ 10 dollars for 90 days.
Time: GMT -6


Colorado Beach is located in the department of Rivas, municipality of Tola. It is currently an emerging tourism destination and one of the hottest in all the country, with many projects for retire and pensioners in the process of development, the whole area has some of the finest beaches in the whole country.

Activities in the area surrounding Colorado include fishing and aqua sports. In other beaches surrounding Colorado there are small local bars and restaurants. Nearby, at about 30 minutes from Colorado beach is the San Juan del Sur town, a small former fishing village now a tourist destination and cruise shipping port where there are also bars, restaurants, banks and other facilities.


Rainy seasons start in May and go through October, however the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship is scheduled during the time of what Nicaraguans call “el veranillo” (short summer) that goes from July 15th to August 15th.


Colorado is a very good and consistent river mouth beach break located on the south end of the privately owned property of Hacienda Iguana. Within Iguanas is power/internet, condos/houses for rent, restaurant and a golf course. Unless you are staying at Iguanas, access is often obtained by boat, or a long walk south from Rancho Santana.

Steady flow by a river (especially when raining) keeps the sand consistently replenished. Surf will usually always focus strongest and best from the middle of the rivermouth to the north side, where a shifty peak offers a fast/hollow right peeling across the rivermouth and a ripable left that is usually a little less hollow and nearly as fast. The right can produce long, fast, dry tube sections that will spit when its firing, while the left will offer a good lip to crack a couple times before meeting up with an oncoming right from a peak down the beach more. Moving north from the main peak will be more shifty peaks but gradually decreasing in size and consistency.

Colorado’s shape is best and most hollow on low to mid tides. On higher tides, it becomes a bit backwashy and less hollow. Best wind is calm or light offshore for smaller days, and light to moderate offshore flow for bigger days. NOTE – The stronger east wind will help slow and hold open the rights more, keeping many waves more makeable. Offshore wind is from the North-NE-East, with straight offshore wind is NE-25 deg.

Best swell direction is from the SW and South-SSW.

Best Tide: Low to mid.

Best Swell Direction: SW (206-235+ deg) and South-SSW (180-195 deg).

Best Size: 4’-8’ faces

Best Wind: Offshore around 4-7kts.

Bottom: Sand


American Airlines will be offering a 10% discount on travel exclusively for the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship. Click here to see more details on the offer.


The communities around Colorado and the city of Rivas offer a variety of lodging options for teams.  A partial list can be found HERE

The ISA World Masters Surfing Championship will take place in high season for tourism, therefore hotels, homes and vehicles available now require reservations and 100% payment to be made at the end of June at the latest.


Grayline Nicaragua can work with teams to provide ground transportation. For assistance please contact:

Griselle Camille
General Manager
Phone: 505-25522827, 505-88855601

Please email the following details:

  • Team Country
  • Quantity of Persons
  • Arrival Date and Time
  • Arrival Airline
  • Arrival Flight Number
  • Departure Date and Time
  • Departure Airline
  • Departure Flight Number
  • Accommodation Lodging
  • Preferred type of transport

Distances To/From Airport:

120 kms or 2.3 hours in coach and 2 hours in private vehicle.

Shuttles will be available to and from the airport at a cost of:

  • US$ 20 per pax and per way by coaster or Hiace, minimum of 10 passengers
  • US$ 40 per pax and per way, less than 10 passengers

GrayLine will also be able to provide a discount on the following rental vehicles:

  • Rental Cars
  • Bus rental
  • Combi rental with chauffeur

Getting to Nicaragua
By Air

Central America – All the airlines that cover the region have flights available from the major cities of Central America (Copa, Grupo Taca, AA, etc.).

United States – At just under two hours from Miami or two and one half hours from Houston, Managua is a very close destination. Grupo Taca and other U.S. airlines offer direct flights from cities such as Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, New Orleans, Washington and Dallas.

Europe and Africa – Iberia offers daily flights (except Mondays) via Miami. Consult the airlines to obtain information about other carriers that make connections through various cities in the United States.

Oceania and Asia

Take an international flight to one of the U.S. cities that has direct flights to Managua for your most convenient connection.

By Land

You may arrive by bus from Tegucigalpa (Honduras), San José (Costa Rica) or San Salvador. Consult the list of international passenger transportation companies to obtain current information about fares and itineraries through their Internet websites or to contact them by e-mail.

If you wish to rent a vehicle and travel to other countries in the region, consult the list of vehicle rental companies to make the necessary arrangements. It is recommended that you do this several days in advance.

More information: www.eaai.com.ni


 The media exposure this contest can provide you, your NGB and your athletes is absolutely priceless.  Please submit a list of key media contacts in your region to the ISA so that they may receive ISA press releases. We also ask that you forward local media coverage before and after the event to the ISA so we may use it to promote surfing worldwide.  Please contact Pablo Zanocchi at pablo@isasurf.org.


IMPORTANT – A nation will not be allowed to compete if it has any outstanding dues payable to the ISA.

For Credit Card payments, pay through the ISA Store on the ISA website, www.isasurf.org – “ISA Event Registration Fee”.

For Onsite payment, the ISA will only accept US Dollars.

For Wire transfers, please contact the ISA for details.



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